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Causes of and fixes for the “Invalid Parameter” error when replacing the root RDP certificate in Windows

If you use Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, you may well have come across a dreaded “Invalid Parameter” error when trying to replace the root RDP certificate. Replacing the root certificate gets rid of the issue of the default self-signed certificate

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systemd script for OSCam

OSCam Logo

OSCam as it stands uses the old sysinit (/etc/init.d/oscam) script to control its daemon. I wanted to leverage a bit of functionality within systemd, the ability to automatically start a crashed process, so decided to convert the “old” init.d script

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Fixing Outdated or Corrupted Exchange ActiveSync Device Partnership in Exchange 2013

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6S Plus to an iPhone 7 Plus, having gone through other iterations of iPhone upgrades with no issues connecting to my Exchange 2013 server, but this one was different. On restoring from iCloud, my

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

What’s this 2FA? In light of the recent Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library (which allowed unscrupulous people to capture usernames, passwords and other sensitive information from seemingly secure websites – all these years of saying “look for the padlock”

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RDP in HTML5? Click Here…

There are many advantages to being able to access your home computer remotely, namely having access to your usual suite of programs and documents, but often, gaining access is harder than it needs to be, usually because of blocks put

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