Building the open source TBS DVB drivers for Ubuntu/Debian

This is a brief guide on how to download, compile and install the opensource TBS drivers for Debian derivative linux distributions. These drivers are based upon the excellent Linux Media project and tailored specifically for TBS digital TV cards. We have a separate guide catering for the official TBS drivers here.48 законов власти. Часть 2

Install the required tools

First we need to install some packages to enable us to build the drivers.


Now lets grab the source code

If the build fails with something about Proc::ProcessTable then issue the following command;

…and try the build again.

Assuming the drivers build correctly, you can install them using

…and load them using…

…for CX23885 based cards or…

…for SAA716X based cards.

Alternatively, just reboot.

If the modules error for some reason even after a reboot, it may be because there are other drivers clashing with the newly built/installed ones. The simply way to resolve this (providing you don’t have other vendors DVB cards in the same machine) is to;

…and then run…

…again from the media_build directory.

That’s all there is to it – the DVB cards should show up in a couple of places;

By issuing…


…or simply by checking in your DVB application (such as TVHeadend).

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