4G Everywhere

Everything Everywhere, the parent company of telecoms giants Orange and T-Mobile, has been granted permission by OFCOM, the UK regulator, to go-ahead with its plans to run the UK’s first 4G networks using it’s existing 1800Mhz spectrum.

Much to the annoyance of it’s rivals (both O2 and Vodafone have voiced their concerns over OFCOM’s decision), this will give Everything Everywhere a head start on the 4G market, whilst other operators will need to await the spectrum sale of airspace freed up by the closure of analogue TV transmissions around the UK.

Everything Everywhere is expected to have its 4G network up and running by September 2012, but with a distinct lack of 4G devices (mainly due to 4G not having any ratified standards to be adhered to) it is unlikely that the average consumer will see the benefit in the short term.