RDP in HTML5? Click Here…

There are many advantages to being able to access your home computer remotely, namely having access to your usual suite of programs and documents, but often, gaining access is harder than it needs to be, usually because of blocks put in place on shared/corporate networks to stop you from being able to run the remote desktop client to get access to your machine.

This is where Spark View steps in – I won’t pretend to understand all of the technology behind this site, but in it’s simplest form, Spark View provides a HTML5 version of the remote desktop client, which means you can access any machine running a standard RDP protocol with nothing more than an internet connection and a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox and IE are all well catered for).

Simply visit http://www.remotespark.com:8080/ and enter the details (IP/domain name, username and password) and click on the “Connect” button – you will shortly be greeted by your desktop right there in your browser.

Have a look at the site as there are some advanced features (such as drag ‘n’ drop between browser and desktop, and support for sound) but each feature is limited to certain browsers.

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